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It is important to recognise      Q. What about people’s
                                            that one of the common physical     expectations – do they need
                                            symptoms of CKD is fatigue. In      to manage these?
                                            any situation when we feel            People can have high expect-
                                            fatigued, it affects how we feel    ations of how their life will be and
                                            emotionally as well.                don’t take into sufficient account
                                                                                how CKD may impact on that. For
                                                                                example, if, due to your condition,
                                                                                you are unable to work anymore,
                                                                                it will have a knock-on effect on
                                                                                the family.

           Each of us is unique, and how                                          It may also raise a question
        we react to diagnosis will vary.                                        about identity; who am I if I
        However, there are some common                                          cannot work? A significant drop in
        reactions which include sadness,                                        income may put pressure on the
        anger, depression and feeling                                           family unit which may make it
                                            Q. Do you have advice for
        isolated.                                                               difficult for the family to make
                                            someone who has been                ends meet. If the male partner
                                            diagnosed, is coming to terms
        Q. What if your reaction is that                                        has to leave his job due to illness,
                                            with it and is trying to move
        you feel overly emotional?                                              the female partner may have to
                                            on in practical ways with
           Often after diagnosis, people                                        bear the full financial burden or
                                            their condition?
        can feel emotionally sensitive                                          find a job out of necessity. This
                                              A quote from a patient may
        and fragile. This is quite normal.                                      role reversal can change the
                                            help...“I reach a stage where
        Our minds can be assaulted by                                           dynamic of the relationship
                                            I acknowledge and accept this
        questions that at this point have                                       between the two.
                                            treatment is necessary and while
        no answers. How long will I have                                          People may also need to
                                            it places limits on my life, it
        this condition? How is it going to                                      understand that some of their
                                            doesn’t stop me from living.”
        affect my life? Will I be able to                                       expectations are not going to be
                                              People need time to accom-
        continue working? Will I be able                                        met and they will need to adjust
                                            modate to this new situation in
        to go on holiday? How is it going                                       to this. At the same time, they
                                            their lives, whether it be starting
        to affect my family? Am I going to                                      may be surprised by just how
                                            treatment or having a transplant.
        die?                                                                    much they can do.
                                            Often what people want is
           It feels like we embark on an
                                            someone to listen to them, who
        emotional rollercoaster but in
                                            can communicate openly with
        time, for most, when these and
                                            them, who can answer their
        other questions are answered,
                                            questions, and who can support
        our emotions will settle.
                                            them through the difficult
                                            emotional and physical moments.
               It is important                Education is very important,

             to recognised that             particularly educating yourself
             one of the common              about your condition. This is
                                            empowering and for most, will
            physical symptoms of            lead to a return of confidence and
                CKD is fatique.             feeling better about and within


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