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        It is well known that smoking tobacco             TIPS TO HELP YOU QUIT
        constricts the small blood vessels in the body,
                                                         ● Choose a day to give up smoking and get advice
        thereby raising your blood pressure. It is
        also harmful for your cardiovascular health.
        People with CKD should avoid smoking for         ● Have a clear out – on the evening before your quit
                                                           day, get rid of all cigarettes, lighters, matches and
        these reasons but also because it can affect
        the small vessels in the kidney filters,
                                                         ● Put the money you would normally have spent on
        thereby reducing the kidneys’ abilities to
                                                           cigarettes into a jar – treat yourself with the money
        work effectively.
                                                           you save.
           It is also known that if your kidney function
                                                         ● Take more exercise – being more active when you are
        deteriorates to the extent that you need
        dialysis, smoking can increase the risk of         trying to give up smoking increases your chance of
           Giving up cigarettes is not an easy task for  ● Get help – phone the National Quitline on Callsave
                                                           1850 201 203. They can give you help and advice
        most people but there are supports on hand
                                                           on how to quit smoking
        and it is definitely never too late to quit.

                                            ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION

          Whether you can drink alcohol and what amount you can drink will
          depend very much on your individual case. Some studies suggest that
          alcohol causes no direct harm to the kidneys but it can be dangerous if
          you already have kidney problems and it does have an effect on things
          such as blood pressure and heart disease.
            One side effect of alcohol is that it can make your kidneys produce
          more urine than normal (some drinks such as beer are particularly well-
          known for this). Having to go to the toilet several times in one night
          may put your kidneys under undue pressure and disturb sleep patterns.
            If you have advanced CKD, you may not tolerate alcohol very well and
          it may make you feel unwell.
            The main advice about alcoholic consumption is to take it in
          moderation and be aware of how your body responds to alcohol. Always check that you can take alcohol
          alongside any medications you are on.

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