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           When it comes to kidney
                                                                  BODY MASS INDEX (BMI)
        disease, it is really important that
        you maintain a healthy weight.
        Being either overweight or
        underweight can pose problems
        for your health that will have a
        knock-on effect on your kidneys.
           Being overweight or obese
        increases your blood pressure,
        increases your level of bad
        cholesterol, makes your heart and
        lungs work harder and also
        increases your risk of developing
           On the other hand, if you are
        underweight, you run the risk of
        malnutrition. Not having the right   BMI FORMULAS
        nutrients in your body can affect
                                                                    METRIC BMI FORMULA
        your immune system and make it       Weight in kilograms / (height in metres x height in metres).
        harder to fight off infection. It will
                                                        For example: if you are   BMI = 1.75m x 1.75m = 3.062
        also leave you feeling listless and
                                             1.75 metres high and weigh 73 kgs  73kgs ÷ 3.062 = 23.8
        reduce your muscle mass and
                                                     then the formula will read:  Your BMI would therefore be 23.8.
                                                                   IMPERIAL BMW FORMULA
                                             Weight in pounds / (height in inches x height in inches) multiplied by 703.
        SO WHAT IS A
                                                        For example: if you are   BMI = 69” x 69” = 4761
                                                    69” high and weigh 161 lbs   161lbs ÷ 4761 x 703 = 23.8
           There is no perfect healthy
                                                     then the formula will read:  Your BMI would therefore be 23.8.
        weight – it very much depends on
        your gender, age, height, build     YOUR WAISTLINE COUNTS TOO
        and your activity levels. One       As well as working out your BMI, you
        guideline    for   healthy   and    should measure your waistline as fat
        unhealthy weights is the Body       around your tummy region is considered
        Mass Index (BMI).                   a big risk factor to your health. Having a
           If you have a BMI of 30 or over,  waist size greater than 32 inches for a
        you are classified as obese. A BMI  woman or 37 inches for a man is thought to
        of 25 to 30 is classified as        be a clear indication that the person is carrying excess weight.
        overweight, an ideal BMI is 18.5
        to 24.9 and an underweight BMI        HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT
        is anything below 18.5.               For any person who wants to lose weight, the key thing to remember
           If  your    BMI    is   either     is that you will need to use more energy than you consume.
        underweight or obese, you             Therefore a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise is
        should take steps to get back to      the best way to lose weight in a way that is sustainable over the
        a healthy weight.                     long-term.
           You can work out your BMI at         Crash diets and fad diets are only effective in the short term and or by            usually any weight that you lose soon re-appears.
        using this formula above:

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