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        AAA       abdominal aneurysm        LMP       last menstrual period     MS       multiple sclerosis
        AC        before food               LOC       loss of consciousness     MSU      mid-stream urine
        AD        Alzheimer’s disease       LRD       living related donor      N&V      nausea and vomiting
        AE        air entry                 LT        light touch               Nocte    at night
        AIDS      acquired                  Mane      in the morning            NPL      no perception of light
                  immunodeficiency          MCS       microscopy, culture &     OCP      oral contraceptive pill
                  syndrome                            sensitivity               OD       once daily
        APD       automatic peritoneal      MCV       mean corpuscular volume   ODQ      on direct questioning
                  dialysis                  MI        myocardial infarction     O/e      on examination
        ARF       acute renal failure       MMR       measles, mumps, rubella   OTC      over the counter
        AS        aortic stenosis           MRI       magnetic resonance        Pc       presenting complaint
        AXR       abdominal X-ray                     imaging                   PD       peritoneal dialysis
        BBV       blood borne virus         MRSA      methicillin resistant     PMHx     past medical history
        BD        twice daily                         staphylococcus aureus     PN       percussion note
        B(N)O     bowels (not) open                                             PND      paroxysmal nocturnal
        BP        blood pressure                                                         dyspnoea (waking SOB)
        BS        breath sounds                                                 POM      prescription only medicine
        CAPD      continuous ambulatory                                         PP       peripheral pulses
                  peritoneal dialysis                                           PR       per rectum
        CKD       chronic kidney disease                                        Prn      when required
        CRF       chronic renal failure                                         PSM      pan-systolic murmur
        CN I-XI   cranial nerves 1-12                                           PTA      pancreas transplant alone
        CP        chest pain                 KNOW YOUR HOSPITAL...              PU       passing urine
        CSU       catheter specimen urine                                       Qds      four times a day
        CT        computed tomography           Since the Health Services       RBC      red blood count
        CVA       cerebrovascular accident    Executive has come into being     RRT      renal replacement therapy
        CXR       chest X-ray                  the following codes are now      RTA      road traffic accident
        D&V       diarrhoea and vomiting       being used widely by health      Rx       treatment, prescription
                                                  service professionals:
        DTP       diphteria, tetanus,                                           S/c      sub-cutaneous
                  pertussis                  AMNCH     St. James, Tallaght      SHx      social history
        DVT       deep vein thrombosis                 (Adelaide and Meath      SI       sexual intercourse
        EDD       estimated date of delivery           Hospital incorporating the  SL    sub-lingual
        EMU       early morning urine                  National Children’s      SOA      swelling of ankles
        ERSD      end stage renal disease              Hospital)                SOB      shortness of breath
        FBC       full blood count           BH        Beaumont Hospital        SOBAR    SOB at rest
        FHx       family history             CGH       Cavan General Hospital   SOBOE    SOB on exertion
        GFR       glomerular filtration rate  CUH      Cork University Hospital  SPK     simultaneous pancreas &
        Hb        haemoglobin                KGH       Kerry General Hospital            kidney transplant
                                                       Letterkenny General
        HEP B     Hepatitis B                          Hospital                 STD      sexually transmitted
        HEP C     Hepatitis C                MGH       Mayo General Hospital             disease
        Hib       Haemophilus influenzae     MMH       Mater Misericordiae      TB       tuberculosis
                  (b)                                  Hospital                 Tds      three times a day
        HIV       human immunodeficiency     MPRH      Merlin Park Regional     Tx       Transplant
                  virus                                Hospital                 TIA      transient ischaemic attack
        HPc       history of Pc              MRHT      Midland Regional         U&E      urea and electrolytes
        HS        heart sounds                         Hospital Tullamore       USA      unstable angina
        Ht        haematocrit                SGH       Sligo General Hospital   USS      ultrasound scan
        IVP       intra venous pyelogram     SVUH      St. Vincent’s University  VRE     vancomycin resistant
        Ix        investigations                       Hospital                          enterococci
        JPS       joint position sense       UHL       University Hospital      WR       Wassermann reaction
        JVP       jugular venous pressure              Limerick                 X/7      number of days
        KUB       kidneys, ureters, & bladder  WRH     Waterford Regional       X/12     number of months
        LFTs      liver function tests                                          X/52     number of weeks

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