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                                                       3          CHAPTER 1

                                                                  What are the kidneys and
                                                                  what do they do?

                                                       5          CHAPTER 2

                                                                  What is Chronic Kidney Disease?

                                                       10         CHAPTER 3

                                                                  Who is at risk?

                                                       12         CHAPTER 4

                                                                  Benefits of early intervention.
                                                                  Case study - How I live with CKD

                                                       15         CHAPTER 5

                                                                  What you can do to look after
                                                                  your kidneys.
                                                       24         CHAPTER 6

                                                                  What you can do to look after
                                                                  your general health.
                                                       32         CHAPTER 7

                                                                  When and if my kidneys fail.

                                                       34         CHAPTER 8

                                                                  Glossary, References and

                                                                  Medical Shorthand

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