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The kidneys do an incredible job – it is estimated
        that one litre of blood enters the kidneys through
        the renal arteries every single minute. This blood is
        cleaned and then flows back, through the renal
        veins, into the body.

        The actual filtering process occurs in one of the
        many tiny units in the kidney called nephrons. There
        are around a million nephrons in each kidney and
        they carry out a complicated chemical exchange so
        that waste materials and water, in your blood, are
        separated out for the urinary system.

        When we think about health, we tend to focus on
        the work that the heart and lungs do but the kidneys
        are as important to our bodies as these other vital

        The kidneys usually make around one to two litres
        of urine every day – the amount produced depends
        on how much you drink, your build, the temperature
        and the amount of exercise that you do.

        Most people are born with two kidneys but about
        1 in 1,000 is born with just one and can live quite
        easily with one healthy kidney. If a kidney is lost
        during a person’s lifetime, the other can do quite well
        on its own and can undertake the work of both.

                      THE KIDNEYS HAVE
                  MANY OTHER FUNCTIONS:

          ● Helping in the production of red blood cells,
            which are used to carry oxygen around the

          ● Helping to maintain healthy bones

          ● Helping to regulate blood pressure in the

          ● Making and regulating important hormones in
            the body

          ● Adjusting levels of minerals and other
            chemicals such as sodium, potassium, calcium
            and phosphorus

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