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        There are a number of conditions that can cause damage to the kidneys and/or cause CKD.
        Some of the main conditions are listed below:

           One of the known effects of
        diabetes is shrinking of the blood
        vessels. Some of your smallest
        blood vessels are in the kidney
        (see section on diabetes and

           Occasionally the cause of
        the inflammation swelling is
        unknown but it has an impact on     REFLUX NEPHROPATHY                  deteriorate with age. Half of all
        the kidneys and therefore its          This can happen when urine       healthy 65-year-olds are likely to
        normal function.                    flows back into the kidney          have lost a third of their kidney
                                            instead of through the urethra      function while a quarter of over
        HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE                 (the tube for urine to travel       70s are likely to have lost
           Over time, this can have an      between the kidneys and the         approximately half of their
        impact on the blood vessels in      bladder). It is caused by a         kidney function.
        the kidneys and reduce kidney       problem with the valves and if it      Their reduced kidney function
        function.                           is a severe case, it can damage     does not mean they will have
                                            the kidney’s normal functions.      problems with their health but
        POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASE                                               allied with any other causes of
           This is a genetic condition and  AGE                                 CKD, it could pose a problem.
        causes damage to the kidneys           Apart from these conditions,        In some cases, particularly
        through the presence of cysts.      kidney function is known to         when CKD has developed to an
                                                                                advanced stage, it may not be
                                                                                possible for your doctor to give
                                                                                you a definitive cause for your

                                                      Half of all healthy 65-year-olds are likely

                                                          to have lost a third of their kidney
                                                      function while a quarter of over 70s are
                                                       likely to have lost approximately half of

                                                                  their kidney function.

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