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        Make sure you take time out of your
        day to relax and reflect on your day.
        There are stress management
        techniques such as muscular
        relaxation, controlled breathing and
        mindfulness meditation exercises
        available on the website for the
        Mindfulness and Relaxation Centre
        (MARC) at

        And do not forget to treat yourself  to
        something nice every once in a while.

        WATCH FOR NEGATIVE THINKING                           unaware they are happening.
        We all have beliefs and patterns of thinking that are    The next step is to gently challenge these biased
        unhelpful or self-defeating, e.g. an overly negative  thoughts by using realistic ‘self-talk’ e.g. “OK, so I’ve
        focus that ignores or misinterprets the positive of   been feeling really tired most days and I feel like
        a situation. You may also tend to focus more on       everything is going wrong, but maybe I’m ignoring
        your limitations rather than your strengths. This     the fact that there are times I have felt good and
        style of thinking filters out the positive and leaves  I’ve actually made small progress with my energy
        you seeing only the negative which in turn can        levels”.
        make you feel sad, helpless or frustrated.               There are self-help booklets for all kinds of
           These negative beliefs or biased thinking can      emotional issues available on...
        be challenged and discussed with the support of          or
        a counsellor, particularly when they become                
        troublesome or overwhelming. The way to address
        self-defeating ways of thinking is to become aware       Alternatively, sitting down with a psychologist or
        of them. This can be difficult at first as these      therapist could be an option if you wanted help in
        thoughts are often automatic and we are often         examining your thought processes in more detail.

                                                                     People draw support from
                                                                      many places, healthcare

                                                                     professionals, family and

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