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                                      BODY IMAGE

                  oping with health
                  problems caused                                                “I view my scars on
                  by kidney failure                                              my skin as signs of
                  can be difficult. It
        Cis easy to get                                                            the battles I have
        caught up with the medical                                                  fought and won”
        side and ignore the
        enormous impact it can have
        on your psychological
           One issue that can be
        overlooked is body image.
        How we look to others is
        important to most people,
        yet we often feel
        uncomfortable or
        embarrassed to talk about it.

        Body image is how you see and feel about your physical appearance which includes your personal
        perception of the way others see you. The way you view your body is linked to your self-esteem and
        involves how much you value yourself and appreciate your own worth.
           If you are uncomfortable with your physical appearance it is most likely that this is how you feel about
        yourself in general.

           Kidney disease, whether in the predialysis, dialysis or transplant

           stages will bring changes. These changes may make some people

           feel unattractive and insecure. They may even view their body as

           letting them down.

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