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        We have different ways of
        experiencing emotions and
        change. Your self-esteem is a
        major part of your overall
        well-being; it is important to
        strengthen it.
        ● Keep communication open
           and be honest with your
           healthcare team, family and
           friends. At first it might feel
           difficult  talking    about
                                                                    Communication is vital for
           feelings, however most people report a sense of
                                                                     relationships to flourish,
           relief when they share how they feel.
                                                                        especially intimate
           Communication is vital for relationships to
           flourish especially intimate relationships. Talk to              relationships
           your partner about what is happening to you
           physically and emotionally and allow them time
           to share their feelings with you.                  ● Self talk: Observe and acknowledge the way
        ● Peer Support: Sharing your feelings with               you think, paying particular attention to your
           others with chronic kidney disease in person or       patterns of automatic thoughts and asking; are
           online, may help you realise that what you feel       they distorted? Keeping a journal may help you
           is quite normal. You may find some of the coping      to identify your negative thought patterns and
           strategies they used to integrate the physical        open other ways of thinking about your
           changes into their lives useful.                      situation.
        ● Emphasise the deeper qualities you possess,         ● Use relaxation techniques, such as meditation,
           focus on your unique strengths, abilities and         visualisation, mindfulness, etc.
           personality.                                       ● Seek additional support, if appropriate, from a

        ● Remember what your body can do rather than             member of your healthcare team.
           focusing on the things you cannot do.
                                                                There are steps you can take to manage the way
        ● Take good care of yourself. Get active and            you view yourself. Some people have even
           improve your nutrition. There are many benefits      reported making secondary gains from kidney
           to exercise, for example, developing a positive      disease, for example, discovering a potential or
           feeling towards your body strength and ability,      strength that they did not previously recognise.
           which will enhance your body image and                 There is no right or wrong way to feel when
           improve your well-being.
                                                                you are dealing with changes in your body.
                                                                However, how you feel about yourself is greatly
                                                                influenced by how much support you receive.
                                                                Accepting and talking about your feelings is one
                                                                of the best ways of dealing with them.

                                                                  Remember - your worth is

                                                                 not defined by how you look

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