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STRESSFUL THOUGHTS – HOW THEY                         Everyone has good and bad days. Chronic kidney
        AFFECT YOU                                            disease (CKD) brings its own challenges and

        Stressful thoughts are so automatic we tend to        difficulties which will naturally cause you upset and
        accept them as facts. The first step is to become     concern from time to time. Sometimes you can
        aware of your thoughts and notice their effect on     manage and cope with these challenges. However,
        your mood and behaviour.                              there will be times when your worries become such
                                                              that you begin to feel very anxious.

        HOW TO COMBAT STRESSFUL                               WHAT ARE SOME OF THE SIGNS THAT
        AUTOMATIC THOUGHTS                                    POINT TO ANXIETY?

        Recognise and acknowledge                             Thoughts
        Every time you notice you are getting stressed        ● Constant worrying thoughts about treatment
        write down:                                              or other things.
                                                              ● Dread; feeling that the worst will happen, most
        ● The time and date                                      of the time.

        ● Your present                                        ● Stressful thoughts constantly intruding.
           situation; what has
                                    Date: 23-01-14
           happened to make        Time: 9.30am               Feelings
           you feel stressed?                                 ● Feeling tense or wound up, unable to relax.

        ● What was going                                      ● Agitation/restlessness.
           through your mind?
                                                              ● Panic/Intense fear that seems to come “out of
           What are your
                                                                 the blue”.
                                                              ● Fear of losing control.
        ● The emotions you feel.

        Question your stressful automatic thoughts            Body Sensations
        Having identified your stressful automatic thoughts   ● Butterflies; unexplained tummy upset/
        you can learn to examine the situation from a more       diarrhoea.
        objective view point:                                 ● Dizziness/feeling faint.
                                                              ● Awareness of heart beat.
        ● What is the evidence that this automatic            ● Panic/sudden rapid breathing
           thought is true/not true?
                                                                 A certain level of anxiety is essential to help
        ● Is there an alternative to your view that might     motivation. If your anxiety gets out of hand, you
           be more realistic?
                                                              may become overwhelmed, causing you to freeze
        ● What would other people say? Would they agree       and feeling unable to cope.
           that the evidence supports your
        ● Are you setting realistic standards              Everyone has good and bad
           for yourself and others?                 days. Chronic kidney disease brings its
        ● Are you underestimating your               own challenges and difficulties which
           ability to cope. Have you dealt with
           this problem or similar ones in the         will naturally cause you upset and
           past?                                            concern from time to time

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