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                HOW DO I ASK MY FAMILY


                his is probably one of                                                illness. How treatment is
                the    most     difficult                                             affecting your life and what
                questions anyone on                                                   are your best options.
                dialysis will face. Asking                                              Once you have shared
        Tsomeone, usually a                                                           this information, wait! It
        loved one, to undergo surgery                                                 may take some time for
        to give you one of their internal                                             family/friends to absorb
        organs is difficult! For some                                                 and       process       the
        patients, donation from a family                                              information. Be ready for
        member is something they will                                                 questions.
        not consider. For others it is                                                  In any discussion with
        their first preference.                                                       potential donors, to further
                                                                                      help them understand your
        WHERE TO START?                                                               situation, the following

           Before you consider asking                                                key questions should be
        someone it is important to                                                  addressed:
        understand, for you, exactly                          ● How you are feeling now.
        what it is you are asking of them. Educating          ● Why you need a transplant.
        yourself is the first step. Read the literature       ● Why a transplant will help you.
        available, check out websites and write down any      ● Where transplanted kidneys come from i.e.
        questions you may have.                                  waiting list/ living donation.
           A member of your renal team may be able to help    ● Why living donation is preferable.
        answer the questions you have. If your unit has a     ● How people are matched.
        renal counsellor, make an appointment to discuss
                                                              ● The surgical procedure (information/videos)
        the issues you may have about asking for and
        accepting a kidney from a family member.                 are available on the Beaumont website:
        Remember knowledge is power and the knowledge  
        you gain will give you confidence to approach
        family and friends.                                      One of the reasons people find
           One of the reasons people find it difficult to ask    it difficult to ask directly is the
        directly is the thought that “if they wanted to give      thought that “if they wanted
        me a kidney, they would have offered”. However              to give me a kidney, they
        what may be helpful is a conversation beginning                would have offered.”
        with you sharing your story/experience of your

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