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Open communication is the key

            to avoid unnecessary tension
             or midunderstanding within
                        the family.

           It is preferable that a potential donor
        does not make a decision on the spur of
        the moment. If they do, you must always offer an      A NUMBER OF QUESTIONS CAN ARISE
        “opt out”, to allow them have a change of mind. If    ONCE AN OFFER HAS BEEN ACCEPTED
        someone offers a kidney you should not eliminate
        others. This person may not be suitable.
           With any live related donation, stress within the                     “Are they feeling under
        family is to be expected. Some patients feel they                          pressure to do this?”
        cannot discuss their illness with their families just
        in case it is perceived as asking them to                              “Will this compromise their
        donate. Alternatively, if some members of        “It is not                        health?”
        the family are tested and more than one      easy to ask for
        is found to be a match, which of them                                  “Will it cause inconvenience
        donates? Open communication is the         a kidney. It is not                   and pain?”
        key to avoid unnecessary tension or          easy to accept
        misunderstanding within the family.           the offer of a             “Will it compromise the
           Studies show that patients are more           kidney.”                      relationship?”
        comfortable     accepting    from    family
        members or friends who have taken the
        initiative and volunteered. However for some          Exploring these issues with a trusted healthcare
        patients the initiative has to come from them.        professional may help.

                                   WHAT DONORS SAY ABOUT DONATION?

        “I gave my dad a kidney; I think we’re a lot closer now.”
        “I donated a kidney to my son; it did not change our relationship at all. I think my having a very positive
        personality helped me. I was positive from the word go and I think my son was as well. Looking back
        on it now, it was a very emotional experience. Two months post-operation there is a real good feel-
        good factor.”

        “I gave a kidney to my brother. I never felt under pressure from anyone.
        Up to the day before, my brother did not want me to go through with
        it. I feel very fortunate as I had to lose three stones to undergo
        surgery. Having had a medical NCT I now know I’m healthy.”

        “It left me with the feeling I had done something positive. It’s amazing
        to see the change in him.”

        “I had to take my time to think about donating as I had so many
        questions. I found ‘Thinking About Donating A Kidney’ (Book 4)
        really helpful.”

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