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                                      his is the sixth book in a series of six, the previous books having focused on
                                      helping patients deal with the physical aspects of chronic kidney disease,
                                 Tand how kidney disease is managed medically.

                                 The aim of this book is to help patients and families maintain their emotional
                                 health in the face of what can be a serious illness.

                                 You will read about reactions to your diagnosis, impact of illness within families
                                 and relationships, managing stress and anxiety, to mention just a few of the
                                 chapters. This book will also point the direction to resources and services that
                                 can help you cope with your illness.

        This book was written by an inter-agency group of professionals, who all work daily with the psychological
        aspect of illness, and because of this, it brings great wealth to the series of books available to kidney
        patients and their families.

        I would encourage you to read this through as you feel the need, and hope that it brings benefit to you
        and your family.
                                                                                    Professor George Mellotte
                                                                                      Consultant Nephrologist
                                                                                              Tallaght Hospital

                           The information in this book was compiled and written by:

                         Mike Kelly, Co-ordinator of Counselling Services, Irish Kidney Association
                              Vicky Fourie, Social Work Team Leader, Renal Medicine, AMNCH
                               Margaret Hanna, Renal Counsellor, SRN, Beaumont Hospital
                               Tara Power, Senior Medical Social Worker, Beaumont Hospital
                                      Diane Gillan, Psychologist, Beaumont Hospital

          We would like to acknowledge and thank Evelyn Casey, Paul Holmes, Alison Larkin and Ciara Casey, and

          all who have shared their experience and thoughts with us over the course of our work with them, much of
          which informs and enriches this publication.

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