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          Dr Duncan Thomas, whose kidneys failed and who had a successful live donor transplant wrote:

            “Observing a family member looking unwell and in pain immediately post-operation was difficult. It
            was what I had chosen to do (I did not have many choices) so it was something I had to accept. As
            we both improved physically, the emotional impact remained. In particular how do you ever say ‘thank
            you’? In truth I do not believe a person can ever fully appreciate the gift of a kidney, but I believe it
            is through this humility and an understanding that an individual can never fully say ‘thank you’ for
            the transplanted kidney, which creates a sense of responsibility to comply to any and all requirements
            to ensure the gift lasts for as long as possible.”

                                                     (Quote taken from article written by Dr Duncan Thomas
                                                              Journal of Renal Care, Vol.36, No.3, Sept. 2010)

                                                 There are no guarantees for donor or recipient in this process; this
                 “Many of my                     is what makes it so scary. Some family members and patients

            questions truly had                  express concern that the transplant may fail. This is a common
                                                 and understandable concern. It would seem recipients worry
          no answers. It was my                  most, feeling totally responsible for what might happen. These

              faith and trust in                 feelings need to be processed before surgery. If this is done
                                                 successfully, the recipient will approach surgery less anxious and
                  others that
                                                 more confident.
                 I turned to.”                     A positive attitude and the courage to face the unexpected are


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