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        “Don’t let yourself become a permanent patient        and capitalise on that. Even going one step further;
        whose life is defined by being on the illness track.  find what you want to do and pursue that dream”
        You need not be defined solely by your transplant,       “Take the meds as prescribed. Listen to your
        but by many other things. Organ transplantation is    body. Eat right. Exercise as much as you can. Work.
        a life-changing, transformative event that can, if    Learn everything about transplant. Get involved.
        you allow it, become a springboard into vibrant       Read books. Have fun. Travel. Be competitive at
        living”                                               work and play. Don’t let anyone push you around.
           “Find what you can do in your new circumstances    Go back to school. Learn how to use the internet”.

                                      STRESS FOLLOWING TRANSPLANT

           Life is stressful for everyone; transplantation    stress. Choose an exercise you enjoy – that way
        does not dissolve other problems in life. The bills   you’ll stick with it.
        must be paid, relationships have to be managed,
        children are a constant worry, etc. The important
        thing is to find constructive ways of dealing with it.    A final word from a recipient
        Some people find stress reduction through                    “I would not wish this on
        counselling, music, gardening, mindfulness, or even        anyone, but it’s too bad we
        a good book. Others seek time-out for themselves               all can’t experience it,
        or seek out a person who will really listen. If you            because it is the most
        would like a referral for counselling, contact a
        member of the transplant team or the counsellor at          incredible life experience
        the Irish Kidney Association.                                anyone can go through.”
           Exercise is vital post-transplant. It helps maintain
        bone and muscle strength, and also helps alleviate

        Quotes taken from booklet “From Illness to Wellness/Life after Transplantation, available to download from National Kidney Foundation

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