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Patient Information Books

              The IKA has five other patient information books in print format and they are

              available free from the IKA Head Office and Renal Support Centre or they can be
              read or printed from the website...

              BOOK 1 deals with the functions of the kidney, types of kidney disease, diagnostic
              tests and medicines used to treat kidney conditions.  BOOK 2 deals with
              haemodialysis and peritoneal disalysis. BOOK 3 covers kidney transplantation in

              more depth. BOOK 4 addresses the area of the ‘living donor’ programme whilst
              BOOK 5 is specifically written for people who have been informed that they have
              impaired (or reduced) kidney function and are classified as having Chronic Kidney

              Disease (CKD).

                 Four of the books were produced in conjunction with the Beaumont Transplant Foundation.
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