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        The Irish Kidney Association (IKA) is a national voluntary organisation of patients,
        family carers and supporters which offers support for all patients with end stage
        kidney disease. Throughout its 25 local branches, patients can meet other kidney
        patients and share experiences, problems and, most importantly, solutions.

        The IKA provides the following services to patients and their families;

        ● Holiday homes in Tramore and Tralee for patients who are either receiving
           dialysis or are transplanted.

        ● Holidays Abroad: the IKA holiday co-ordinator will help those patients wishing to go abroad with
           sourcing dialysis.
        ● Renal Support Centre: situated in the grounds              IKA RENAL SUPPORT CENTRE
           of Beaumont Hospital, offers accommodation
           for kidney patients and their families attending                                         Hospital,
           any     Dublin    hospital     and    short-term                                        Beaumont,
           accommodation for the families of seriously ill                                           Dublin 9
           patients from outside the Dublin area                                                     Phone:
                                                                                                  01-837 3952
        ● Health Promotion Through Sport: caters for
           all ages and abilities of people who have                                                  Email:
           experienced organ failure. A wide range of                                  
           sports are offered. The programme encourages people to be actively involved in enhancing their
           own health.
                                    ● Counselling Service: available to patients and family members through
                                       the IKA counsellor based in Donor House and a network of locally based

                                    ● Patient Support Officer: deals with those welfare issues that concern
                                       patients and their families
                                    ● SUPPORT magazine: produced four times a year and is posted free to
                                       members and people who have requested a copy.



           The IKA website is a valuable source of up-to-date information about renal disease and national and
                                               international developments.

                               We also have many followers on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

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