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                      COMMON REACTIONS

                                   TO DIAGNOSIS

                                                                                 eople use different words
                                                                                 when they are first told
                                                                                 their kidneys are failing and
                                                                                 that dialysis (renal
                                                                        Preplacement therapy) is
                                                                        required. Some describe it as a
                                                                        “shock”, others as a “blow” or as a
                                                                        “bolt out of the blue”.
                                                                          Whatever word or phrase is used  it
                                                                        indicates an emotional reaction to
                                                                        unexpected news. This causes an
                                                                        emotional change which is a  normal
                                                                        reaction when ‘bad’ news is received.

                                 HOW DO PEOPLE RESPOND EMOTIONALLY?

                    Each person is different but the more common responses are:

        A common expression of denial is “I don’t want to
        think about it”. While this may have some advantages
        as a short-term strategy, if it persists for a long
        period it becomes detrimental to your health, both
        physical and emotional.

        A common and normal reaction. Anger can be both
        positive and negative. Its positive face allows you to
        harness energy that can help  you respond in a
        healthy way to diagnosis. In its negative form it can
        be quite destructive and can affect behaviour.
        Unhealthy anger can alienate those nearest and dearest to you. Another common unhealthy expression
        of anger is missing hospital appointments or not adhering to medication or diet.

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