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        A very common reaction which manifests
        itself in many different ways: fearing I
        am going to die, fear of losing control,
        fearing loss of independence, and a
        growing perception that life is getting
        worse. Fear can paralyse as you move
        from what is known and certain to what
        is unknown and uncertain. Fear can bring
        about a sense of powerlessness, making
        it hard to know where to turn or what to

        Why do some people become depressed?                                HOW LONG
        There are many reasons, and a diagnosis of                         WILL THESE
        kidney disease may be one of them.                            REACTIONS LAST?
           When depressed you withdraw into a                   Each person is an individual with a
        world perceived as safe and secure. It is your
                                                                  unique history and experience.
        way of coping with a feeling of unbearable
                                                                People move in and out of moods,
        loss. It leads to distance, isolation and fear
                                                                         sometimes quickly,
        of engaging with others.
                                                                     sometimes it takes longer.
           If the depression is mild it may act as an
        aid to adjustment to this new situation.                  Some just ‘get on with it’, while
        However, if it becomes long-term and                          others become stuck and
        pronounced or if you experience suicidal                      need emotional support
        thoughts, medical advice or counselling                              to move on.
        should be sought.

                                            SOME PEOPLE...

                  Have a sense of relief that a diagnosis has been made.

                                 Know that treatment is available.

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