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                    Coping with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)


                  djusting to a diagnosis of          Here are some strategies to help you move
                  chronic kidney disease                      forward and live well with CKD
                  (CKD) can be an                               and become a self-manager
                  overwhelming experience,
        Aresulting in people facing a                                                      EMPOWER
        wide range of emotions: anger,                                                     YOURSELF
        frustration, shock, fear, upset or                                                 Empower yourself by
        depressed mood among other                                                         being proactive and
        feelings, all of which are normal.                                                 educating yourself
        Reactions run from the mild to the                                                 about CKD and how to
        severe in people. Many people also                                                 manage it.
        experience changes in their roles at
        work, in their family or in their social                                           Knowledge is power.
        life.                                                                              Ask questions, the
           At first you may notice that a lot                                              renal team will be
        of energy will be directed toward                                                  happy to help you.
        your treatment and physical health.
        But looking after your emotional            SET REALISTIC GOALS AND PLANS
        well-being is just as important as          Be patient and set realistic goals in adjusting to CKD. Try not
        looking after your physical health.         to let dialysis take over your life. Deciding on specific,
        You can live a satisfying life with         achievable goals can give you a sense of purpose and
        CKD, just as millions of people             control over your life that is
        around the world are doing at               important for living well with
        present. To live well with CKD, it is       CKD. Keeping these objectives
        important to care for both the              in mind can help you get through
        physical and emotional changes that         the more difficult times and
        you may experience. Once you adapt          motivate you to keep moving
        more with your illness, you may             forward in a positive way
        learn to be proactive about your            even when difficulties
        well-being, and go on to experience         arise. If you are not able to
        a new “normal life”, filled with            return to your job, ask a
        activities and enjoyments that make         social worker about
        you feel emotionally fulfilled.             occupational or educational options.

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