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        This may be difficult at times, but it is important to stay
        hopeful, optimistic and keep your sense of humour. Focus
        on what you can achieve or enjoy rather than on what
        you cannot.  However, there will be times when it is
        helpful and necessary to express frustration, upset or
        anger, and this may be what you need to do to move
        forward. Healthy adjustment sometimes involves accepting
        that you will not be able to change aspects of your
        situation. In these circumstances the best approach is to
        learn to change your response to the situation. Talking to
        the right person, whether friend, family member or
        professional, often helps to sort out your feelings around
        troubling issues, and they can help you find a way to adjust
        more easily in times of stress.

                                                       HEALTHY LIFESTYLE
                                                       Make sure to eat a kidney friendly diet and be mindful of
                                                       the renal team’s advice regarding dietary restrictions.
                                                       Maintaining a good sleep pattern will also enhance overall

                                                       KEEP ACTIVE
                                                       Stay active as much as possible and be guided by your
                                                       doctor’s recommendations. We all know that exercise has
                                                       great benefits for the body and mind, including boosting
                                                       mood, strengthening your immune system and improving
                                                       your overall health.

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