P. 11

Chapter 3

               Symptoms and treatment

                               of kidney failure

                                       Symptoms of kidney failure that        However, your health will decline
         When kidney
                                       you may experience include itch,       as your kidney function gets
         function is severely
                                       nausea, loss of appetite, tiredness,   worse.
         damaged and is less           pins and needles in your hands or
         than 15% of normal            feet, bruising, fluid retention with   It is not possible to predict how
         function, you will            ankle swelling and shortness of        long you will live if you choose

         experience some               breath. Dialysis generally improves    conservative care. Your doctor will
         symptoms of                   some of these symptoms but             check your bloods at each clinic
         kidney failure.               others usually need additional         visit to measure and monitor the
                                       drug treatments.                       rate of decline of your kidney
         These symptoms
                                                                              function and the development of
         may range from
                                       If you choose conservative care        any new complications. Your
         relatively minor to           instead of dialysis, most of these     doctor will tell you about your
         quite severe                  symptoms can be successfully           level of kidney function and health
         symptoms.                     managed with medications and           status at each visit.

                                       changes to your diet.

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