P. 13

Sleep disorders and                 Swelling                            Drowsiness and confusion
        restless legs                       When kidneys are failing, they do   As kidney failure advances over
        You may find that your sleep        not remove enough fluid from        weeks or months, confusion
        may become disturbed.               the body. This can lead to          may become noticeable and
        Sleeping more during the day,       swelling in your legs, ankles,      making decisions can become
        and less at night, is not           feet, face and hands.               difficult. As waste products
        unusual.                            Medications and drinking less       build-up in your blood stream
                                            can help to control this.           your memory and concentration
        You can also experience                                                 can sometimes be affected.
        'restless legs'. This is when the   Shortness of breath                 Drowsiness is common and
        legs ache and become 'jittery'      Trouble catching your breath can    happens often as kidney
        and you may have a strong           be related to your kidneys in two   function declines.
        impulse to kick out. A leg          ways. Firstly, because fluid is not
        massage and/or a warm bath          being removed correctly by your     Pain
        may ease these symptoms.            kidneys, extra fluid is retained in  Kidney failure is, in general,
        Exercise before bedtime can         your body and can build up in       painless. However, some
        make these symptoms worse.          your lungs. Secondly, anaemia       patients with other medical
                                            can reduce the oxygen levels in     conditions may experience
        Your doctor can prescribe           your blood causing shortness of     pain. Your doctor will assess
        medications to minimise             breath. Your doctor can prescribe   and manage any pain with
        restless legs and to improve        medication to reduce fluid          medications and other pain-
        sleep.                              retention and to treat the          relieving methods.

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