P. 16

End-of-life care

        Palliative care is an               You may wish to die at home         This care can be given at home,
        approach that improves              surrounded by those you love.       in a nursing home or in a

        the quality of life                 For this to happen, you will need   hospital.
                                            support and resources. Good
        of patients facing
                                            co-operation and communication      Palliative care always focus on
        life-threatening illness
                                            between your renal team and         maintaining a good quality of
        and their families.
                                            those looking after you in the      life for you by controlling any
        Palliative care prevents            community is the most effective     symptoms you may have and by
        and relieves symptoms               way to deliver the care to meet     providing psychosocial and
        by assessing and treating           your needs. In most                 spirtual support. They can help
        physical, psychosocial              communities, there is a             you and your family to make the

        and spiritual needs.                co-ordinated approach to            important decisions associated
                                            end-of-life care. You will be       with the latter stages of your
                                            cared for by your primary care      kidney failure.
                                            team which includes the public
                                            health nurse, occupational          Admission to a specialist
                                            therapist, physiotherapist and      palliative care unit or hospice is
                                            others.                             only considered or advised when
                                                                                symptoms are very complex and
                                            Palliative care is provided by      difficult to manage or life
                                            specialist doctors, nurses and      expectancy is short.
                                            other healthcare professionals.

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