P. 17

If you have to go to a
        hospital emergency
        department for any reason,
        the most suitable on-going
        care arrangements will be
        made in consultation with
        you and your family. These
        may include admission to
        hospital, transfer to another
        healthcare facility or
        discharge home with
        appropriate nursing and
        community services.

        We will do all we can to make                                          Treasure the time
        sure you are cared for                                              you have when you are
        according to your wishes.
                                                                         prepared for your final days.
                                                                          The time remaining can be
          Pastoral Care                                                    reminiscing, laughing and
                                                                           spent in companionship,

          Pastoral Care Departments operate on an                         crying. Many people never

          multi-faith basis and are staffed                              have the chance for closure
          accordingly. They provide full pastoral                         nor the chance to express
          care services to patients and their                                     affection and
          families. If at any time you would like to                              say goodbye.
          speak to them, ask any member of staff to

          contact them for you

          Pastoral care can offer you:

           A space for reflection
           A listening non-judgmental ear

           Hope and healing

           Help with worry, fear and anxiety

                                                                                       Many hospitals around
                                                                                       Ireland are part of the
                                                                                       Hospice Friendly
                                                                                       Hospitals programme.
                                                                                       This means that the
                                                                                       hospital staff have been
                                                                                       trained to be aware of
                                                                                       the needs of patients
                                                                                       and families as they
                                                                                       face their final journey.

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