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Chapter 5

                   Planning for the future

        Thinking about end-of-life
        issues can be difficult for
        anyone, especially when
        their health is still good
        and the possibility of
        developing a serious
        illness is remote.
        However, kidney failure is
        a very serious condition.
        At this point, you need to
        plan for the future.

        If you have stopped
        dialysis treatment, you
        will know that you have a
        limited time to address
        what happens to your
        property and possessions.
        Discussing and planning for
        this can be especially fraught,    The National Council of the
                                                                                 Planning for the future may
        as it requires taking some         Forum on End of Life has              include:
        action. However, people often      created a planning document
                                                                                  making a will
        feel a sense of relief once        that you can use to record your
        these issues have been             preferences, in the event of           putting your personal
        discussed and plans have           serious illness or death.                 affairs in order
        been made. This is because                                                identifying those who will
        much of the uncertainty that       The document, called Think                have your authority to act
        was causing the anxiety has        Ahead, Speak for Yourself, is             on your wishes should you
        been removed.                      available from your renal team            lack the ability to do so
                                           or from the Irish Hospice                 (this is called 'power of
        It is wise to plan for future      Foundation.                               attorney')
        care while you are still able to
                                                                                  advance care planning
        think clearly and rationally
        and are able to make your                                                 writing an Advance
        own wishes known.                                                            Healthcare Directive

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