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BOOK 1                    BOOK 2
                                      Petrina Donnelly, CNM   Prof. Peter J. Conlon, FRCPI  BOOK 3
                                       Helen Dunne, CNM        Petrina Donnelly, CNM
                                    Prof. Peter J. Conlon, FRCPI  Helen Dunne, CNM          2nd Edition
                                         3rd Edition               4th Edition             Helen Dunne, CNM
                                                                                          Petrina Donnelly, CNM
                                                                                        Prof. Peter J. Conlon, FRCPI
                                                                                           Ciara White, CNM
                                                                                  Re-edited by Olive McEnroe and Ruth O’Malley

                                                             Living with

                                                                                            BOOK 6
                                         BOOK 4
                                                                   BOOK 5
                                         2nd Edition
                                                          IRISH KIDNEY ASSOCIATION CLG
                                                            Donor House, Block 43A
                                                           Park West, Dublin , D12 P5V6
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                                           Patient Information
        The Irish Kidney Association (IKA) have six patient information books which you can get free
        from the IKA Head Office and Support Centre. You can also download them from

        BOOK 1 - Kidney Disease; BOOK 2 - Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis; BOOK 3 - Kidney
        Transplantation; BOOK 4 - Thinking About Donating a Kidney?; BOOK 5 - Living with Chronic
        Kidney Disease; and BOOK 6 - Emotional Wellbeing.

        Four of the books were produced with support from the Beaumont Transplant Foundation.

          This book was produced by Susan McKenna, Renal Clinical Nurse Specialist, Cavan General
          Hospital with support from the Irish Hospice Foundation Grant Scheme A: Development Activities
          in Hospice/Palliative Care.

          Thanks to the Renal Resource Centre, New South Wales, Australia for allowing use of material
          from their Conservative Care of Advanced Kidney Disease Booklets.

          The information in this book was correct at        © This booklet is approved by the Irish Kidney
          time of going to press. Please use this              Association. Its content may not be reproduced
          book only as a guide – always speak with             or stored in any way without the written consent
          your doctor or nurse if you have concerns.           of the editor.
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