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Putting your personal affairs in order

        It is sensible to make sure your
                                            We recommend that you:
        personal and financial affairs
                                             Prepare a last will and testament
        are in order.
                                             Discuss any special intentions or bequests with beneficiaries
        You should contemplate                 (the people to whom you are leaving your property and
        talking with your solicitor            possessions)
        and/or financial advisor about       Discuss an Advance Care Plan (see below) with your renal
        wills, estates and power of            doctor, nurse or family
        attorney. By doing this, you
                                             Arrange enduring power of attorney (this means nominating
        will have a say in directing
                                               someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf when you
        what happens to your property
                                               are no longer able to)
        and possessions after your
        death.                               Organise your financial records – bank accounts, insurance
                                               policies, property, and so on
        Having your affairs in order         Ensure a nominated person has the contact details of people
        will give peace of mind to you         who will be involved in the settlement of your estate such as
        and your family. It can also           your solicitor, accountant and the executor of your will
        prevent a lot of emotional           Discuss your preferred funeral arrangements and service with
        distress and conflict for your         your family or spiritual advisor
        family after your death.

                                             Advance Care Planning

                                                               Advance Care Planning involves careful
                                                               consideration of your values about your life and
                                                               future health and medical treatments. It allows
                                                               you to plan and communicate how you would like
                                                               to be medically treated in the future if you are
                                                               unable to make those decisions yourself. Advance
                                                               Care Planning can be as simple as discussing your
                                                               wishes about your future healthcare with your
                                                               doctor or nurses, your family, your friends and
                                                               other important people in your life.

                                                               An Advance Care Plan lets you say now what life-
                                                               prolonging medical treatment you would, and
                                                               would not, want in the future. It tells your doctor
                                                               and family how you would like to be treated and
                                                               removes any doubt about your preferences.
           Most families find it is a relief
                                                               You may make your wishes known through these
                to have a plan in place
                                                               discussions or you may put your wishes and
                  for your future care.                        instructions in writing – this is called an Advance

                                                               Healthcare Directive.

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