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Advance Healthcare Directives

                                                  An Advance Healthcare Directive lets you record the type of
                          An Advance
                                                  care and treatment you would want if, in the future, you are
                                                  unable to communicate or if you lose the ability to make
                          Directive is
                                                  decisions for yourself. It also enables those close to you to
                          sometimes called
                                                  communicate your wishes with confidence.
                          a Living Will.
                          It is a way of
                                                  An Advance Healthcare Directive is only used if you are unable
                          recording your
                                                  to communicate or if you no longer have the ability to make
                          future health and
                                                  decisions for yourself.
                          personal care
                          instructions for
                                                  You can compose the Advance Healthcare Directive yourself or
                          family members,
                                                  you can use the Think Ahead, Speak for Yourself form. You can
                          doctors and
                                                  record your wishes and instructions about the treatment and
                                                  care you would prepare. The directive should be clear and
                                                  up-to-date and written specifically to guide medical care. You
                                                  can change the directive at any time and it is a good idea to
                                                  review it regularly.

                                                  The Advance Healthcare Directive will only come into force
                                                  when you become seriously ill and can no longer make
                                                  decisions on your own behalf.

                                                  Discussing these matters with your family and doctor in
                                                  advance means that your intentions are clear to those who
                                                  love and care for you.

                                                            What happens if I do not have an

                                                             Advance Healthcare Directive?

                                                    The situation is a little different if you have not expressly
                                                    recorded your care preferences and you face an emergency,
                                                    are unable to give consent to treatments, or are unable to
                                                    make your own decisions about your treatment preferences.
                                                    In these situations, your doctor will make every effort to
                                                    consider the benefits that dialysis treatment would give

                                                    Your doctor will also try to find out what your preference
                                                    would have been by asking your relatives and friends. This
                                                    does not mean that your relatives can decide on your
                                                    behalf. It is only to help your doctor to make a careful and
                                                    thoughtful judgement call on your behalf while keeping
                                                    your best interests at heart. Healthcare staff are currently
                                                    guided by the HSE Consent Policy.

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