P. 22

The benefits of thinking ahead

        Things to consider:
         What if a day comes when you are unable to make decisions for yourself?

         What if you are suddenly taken ill, are involved in an accident or lose your ability to
            think clearly or independently?

         Do your closest family members or friends really know your wishes?

                                                            The purpose of Think Ahead is to guide
                                                            members of the public in discussing

                                                            and recording their preferences in the
                         MY FORM
                                                            event of emergency, serious illness or

                                                           The Think Ahead form is a planning document to
                                                           use when you are well. It guides you in thinking
                                                           about, discussing, and recording your preferences
                                                           about all aspects of end of life.

                                                           It encourages you to make sure that those closest to
                                                           you are aware of your preferences so that, should a
                                                           time come when you are unable to express them
                                                           yourself, your wishes will be clear to those caring for
                                                           you or managing your affairs.

                                                           You do not have to fill out the complete form. It is
                                                           entirely voluntary so only fill out those sections you
                                                           are comfortable with. The most important information
                                                           to give is:
                                                           – details about your identity (your name, address, and
                                                             so on), and
                                                           – who you would like contacted in an emergency.

                                                           We recommend that you take your time and complete
                                                           the form over several sittings.

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