P. 23

Medical care is a very personal
        thing. Our preferences are
        shaped by our beliefs and values.
        Unless you expressly record your
        care preferences, your family
        members or medical team will
        not know your wishes and may
        disagree on your care. You can
        avoid this by completing section
        2 of the Think Ahead, Speak for
        Yourself form which focuses on
        your medical care preferences.

        Generally, your GP or treating
        doctor will be central to your
        care and we encourage you to
        discuss your care preferences
        with them.

        However, in an emergency, the
        doctor treating you may be
        completely unfamiliar with you
        and your care preferences. In
        those situations, a record of your
        wishes can be very useful.

        Finally, your preferences may
        change over time, depending on
        your age, illness or other factors.
        This is why it is important to
        review and update your wishes
        regularly. We encourage you to
        view this form as a living
        document that can change to
        reflect your preferences.

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