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                                                  his book is a support for anyone who faces the serious
                                                  health problem of kidney failure. It is aimed at those

                                             Thaving to make treatment choices around whether or not
                                             to start dialysis. It is also appropriate for those on long-term
                                             dialysis who are considering stopping their dialysis treatment.

                                             Dialysis can be life-saving. It can improve your quality of life

                                             and help you live longer. However, the dialysis treatment can
                                             be complicated, time-consuming and difficult. In most cases it
                                             will not improve other conditions that you may suffer from.

                                             Dialysis is a treatment that each person with kidney failure
                                             may choose to accept, refuse or stop.

                                             This book explains what the treatment option of conservative
                                             care of kidney failure means and the significance of choosing

                                             this treatment option.

                                             If you are reading this booklet for the first time, you may find

                                             it upsetting. If possible, try and have a family member or
                                             members of your renal team around to support you, as you
                                             come to terms with the issues involved in conservative care

                                             of your kidney failure.

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