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Chapter 2

                              Choosing to stop

                           dialysis treatment

                                                       This chapter is for anyone     Dialysis is meant to
                                                       who is currently getting       improve your quality of
                                                       dialysis treatment and         life, it is not meant to
                                                       who feels that the burden      cause you distress. If you
                                                       of dialysis outweighs their    find that you are unwell
                                                       existing quality of life.      during or after treatment,
                                                                                      you might feel that life on
                                                       When you started dialysis      dialysis has become a day
                                                       treatment you were aware       to day struggle and is too
                                                       that it replaced your          difficult to cope with.
                                                       kidney function and kept       Sometimes changes to
                                                       you alive. At the beginning    dialysis treatment or to
                                                       you may have felt much         medications can improve
                                                       better. However, dialysis      things but if your health
                                                       does not cure other            gets worse, due to other
                                                       serious medical conditions     medical conditions, it may
                                                       you may have, and it will      not be posssible to make
                                                       not stop you getting older     thing easier for you. At this
                                                       and frailer.                   point you may consider
                                                                                      stopping dialysis

                                                              Dialysis is meant to improve

                                                                  your quality of life and

                                                              not cause pain and suffering.

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