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Gemma and Lesley – Dublin Half Marathon

On the 17/2/14 Gemma’s Fiancée Francis gave his dad Frankie his kidney. After nearly 3 years of poor health and dialysis Frankie got his life back and is in good health. The IKA provided the McCauley family (Winnie, Mark and Gemma) with support, kindness and free accommodation while the transplant was happening and the boys were recovering in hospital. Without the amazing hospital staff and the IKA support centre the transplant could have ended in a very different way. Thankfully the ending for the McCauley’s is a happy one and both Francis and Frankie have recovered well and Frankie is back to his old happy healthy self. The gift of a donor has been something that will never be forgotten.

On 4/8/14 Gemma and her friend Lesley plan to run the Dublin Half Marathon to raise money for the IKA to give a little back. We never know when we might have to rely on such an amazing organisation such as the IKA, we can’t see into the future. Please help to keep places like the IKA Support Centre open and continue research allowing medicine to progress giving more families a full healthy life. All donations will truly make a difference and the girls thank you in advance.

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