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Gerard Harrison – “Warrior of the Sea” Swim July 12th

My wife, Cathy, recently received the gift of a new kidney. She had been on dialysis for the last few months and prior to that her kidney function had deteriorated over the past 13 years since she was diagnosed with Alport’s Syndrome.
We have a 2 year old boy and he is delighted now that his Mammy can pick him up and play with him, as before her transplant, Cathy didn’t have much energy or strength, and everything was difficult.

With the help of the staff at the Beaumount and the support of the IKA, she has a whole new lease of life.
This is all thanks to her anonymous kidney donor and his or her family who passed on this great gift of life.

The IKA provide great support for donor organ recipients and their families. As a small gesture of appreciation I am going to raise funds for the IKA by swimming the 6KM Warrior of the Sea on July 12th 2014.

Any support you can give to this worthwhile cause will be very much appreciated.


Gerard Harrison.

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