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Herbert Croezen – Dublin City Marathon 2013

As a Dutch national I have been working and living in Ireland now for the last 10 years. After about 2 years living here my mother was diagnosed with failing kidneys and had no other alternative than to start dialysis. She is / has been on various types of Dialysis, day, night, every 2nd day etc. One of the Dialysis allowed her to drink a MAXIMUM of 1litre per day regardless of the temperature. So if it was 30 degrees (bit warmer in the Netherlands than Ireland during the summer) she couldn’t drink more than 1 litre and had to chew ICE-cubes to stay cool and when it was -5 she couldn’t drink an extra cup of tea to warm up. Furthermore I have never seen so much medication in the house when she was on home dialysis. Boxes and boxes of fluids for her daily dialysis. A weekend trip to Ireland was never possible due to the amount of planning involved and availability of dialysis machines in other countries. The day I was told my mother had gotten a donor kidney was great day for me and the whole family. Once you see someone whose kidney has failed you realise it is one of the most important organs in your body and you just can’t live without. For that reason I want to raise some much needed funds for the Irish Kidney Association.


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