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Lorna O’Leary Run For a Life 2014

Hi friends ,

I’ve signed up to do the Irish Kidney Association’s Run for a life , on 18th Oct , and I’m looking for sponsorship to support the Association so please click on the PayPal link below, every little helps.  It is a cause close to me, most  of u know I’m a renal patient. I’m at 15 % function in my kidney , so Iv already started the process of transplant evaluation myself and I hope I may get one before needing dialysis , which is at 10%.

IKA Run For a Life 2014

It is so important to raise awareness of organ donations and how important it is to carry a donor card, and ensure your family knows your feelings on the subject. Text DONOR to 50050 for donor cards or there is a the Organ Donor Ecard app you can download too.

Thanks all for reading. Feel free to pass on x


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