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Preliminary Results on 2013 Transplantation in Ireland

PRESS RELEASE                                                      31st  December 2013


Preliminary Results on 2013 Transplantation in Ireland

2013 has been a record year for Organ Transplants in Ireland. 293 organs were transplanted compared to the previous record of 275 in 2011.

The highlight achievement was the outstanding growth in Lung Transplantation in the Mater Hospital from a record 14 in 2012 to a staggering 32 in 2013. This is more than the equivalent of the previous four years of Lung Transplantation from  2009 to 2012 which totalled 31.

The second highlight is the consistently record breaking Living Donor kidney Transplant program in Beaumont Hospital which had 38 living donors and resulting Transplants. It brings the total living donor kidney transplants to 155 since the start of the service seven years ago.

The generosity of the 86 deceased donors and their families in 2013 dramatically altered and saved the lives of 245 people, 10 of whom received two organs. There were 55 Liver transplants performed in St. Vincent’s Hospital and 11 Heart transplants also conducted in the Mater Hospital.
In Beaumont Hospital a total of 195 transplant operations took place. 185 Kidney operations of which 38 were from living donors and 147 from deceased donors, 10 of the 147 also had simultaneous pancreas transplants. When you add in the 38 living donor operations to the 195 transplant operations you see the size of the record activity of the Beaumont Hospital transplant team in 2013 topping the 227 figure of 2011 by 6 to 233 operations in total.

Commenting on the 2013 preliminary figures, Mr. Mark Murphy, Chief Executive of the Irish Kidney Association said, “Transplantation is a national team effort. The public are an essential element of the team with their generosity to donate organs. The organ procurement service, the acute hospitals throughout the country and the three transplant teams from St. Vincent’s, the Mater and Beaumont Hospitals have all achieved outstanding results in very difficult times for the health services. In the HSE 2014 Service Plan we can see more investment in management of organ donation nationally which must give encouragement to the 550 people on transplant waiting lists (of which 480 are waiting for kidneys) because more organ donors will result in increasing transplant activity even more in the years to come.”



Deceased Donors                                                          86
Transplants from Deceased donors.
Kidneys.                                                                        147
Livers.                                                                             55
Lungs.                                                                             32
Hearts.                                                                            11
Pancreas.                                                                       10
Total.                                                                            255
Living Kidney donors and transplants.       38

TOTAL TRANSPLANTS 2013                         293


For organ donor cards Freetext DONOR to 50050 or visit the Irish Kidney Association website www.ika.ie. Smart phone users can download the “Organ Donor E-card” app from the App store or Android Play Store.



For further information contact:- Gwen O’Donoghue, Publicity, IKA. mob. 086 8241447

Mark Murphy Chief Executive, Irish Kidney Association, mob. 087 2571235

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