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Sarah Dalton – Mini Marathon 2013

I am a kidney transplant patient currently waiting on my second transplant. My husband is due to donate his kidney later this year and we are both participating in the mini marathon, I am hoping to walk it if my energy levels allow it. I received my first transplant when I was 16 from a cadaver donor and was lucky enough to be waiting only 5 months and managed to avoid dialysis. My transplanted kidney started to fail about 3 years ago, I was actually told I would need another transplant the day before my wedding. This time I have been told the wait for a cadaver donor would be up to 5 years and have had to start dialysis. I went on dialysis in December 2012. Although my medical team are doing their best I have encountered numerous difficulties associated with Renal failure and dialysis. This is why I would like to highlight the importance of carrying a donor card as so many people are like me or worse trying to adapt to life on dialysis and in some cases a living donor is not an option. My husband and I got married two years ago and I am glad to say he is a match in more ways than one! I am looking forward to getting back to normality and returning to work and we are both looking forward to getting back to living life to the full.


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