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We are delighted that the organisers of the Sean Kelly Tour have chosen the Irish Kidney Association as one of the charities to benefit from funds raised from the three cycle events on Sunday August 26th. We have set up this web page to allow cyclists to seek on-line sponsorship from family and friends. It is very simple and uses PayPal.

Cyclists: Share the link to this page and simply encourage family and friends to fill in your name, their name and follow the PayPal Donate button to process the sponsorship.

Sponsors: It is very simple, put your chosen Cyclist’s name in the first field below and your own name in the field below that and then follow the PayPal Donate button to process the sponsorship.

Cyclists: If, after the event, you would like to get a tally of all sponsorship submitted in your name please e-mail your NAME and POSTAL ADDRESS to colin@ika.ie.

Your support is much appreciated!

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