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The IKA provides a free, comprehensive and confidential counselling service for those diagnosed with kidney disease, their family members and carers.

The IKA is a national organisation and requests for counselling are received from all over the country. A structure is in place that allows for referral either to the IKA counsellor based at Donor House inwest  Dublin or if requested and appropriate a referral can be arranged to a counsellor based in the person’s local area. These counsellors are accredited with their professional body.

Who can access the counselling service?

  • The counselling service is open to all those diagnosed with kidney disease, their family and carers.
  • Any individual can refer themselves to the counselling service.
  • With the person’s permission, nursing, medical or allied professionals,  can also refer people for counselling.

How is the counselling service delivered?

  • Through the IKA counsellor for those who can attend at Donor House in Parkwest Dublin 12.
  • Through a network of nationally registered locally based counsellors

How to access the counselling service:

Mike Kelly at Donor House,
Donor House, Block 43A,
Park West, Dublin 12
Phone LoCall: 1890- 543639
E-mail: mike@ika.ie
Mike Kelly, counsellor has been with the IKA since 2006. In 2000, after working in the mental health sector of the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom, he established the renal counselling service at Barts and the London NHS Trust.


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