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Victoria Murphy & Friends – Flora Women’s Mini Marathon June 2014

Hi everyone this year I have decided to use my participation in the Flora women’s mini marathon to help raise funds for the Irish Kidney Association. Some of our wonderful supportive family members Margaret Carlin, Sinead Carlin, Betty Murphy, Doreen Collins & many more friends are dusting off their runners to join in supporting this charity too!

Up until Dec last year we knew very little about this Association & what services it provides to patients & families of renal patients. On 18th Dec 2013 our son Noah age 2, was diagnosed with ADPKD which is Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease. We felt as though we had just been hit by a freight train & we were devastated. We will never forget that day.
At the moment both Noah’s kidneys are functioning well but he is being monitored in Nephrology every couple of months at Our Lady’s Hospital in Crumlin who are absolutely fantastic with Noah.

It is so unfair, he has been through a lot more than any child should have to go through. We hope his kidney functioning continues well for a very long time but we have been told at some stage in his life he will require a kidney transplant.

We feel so strong about raising money & raising awareness about this Association. The IKA has given Stuart & I so much information on services to patients, transplants & the process of kidney donation. We hope that when this time comes that we can donate ours.

Noah is in good health, a brave soldier who battles on & he is such a happy, funny & placid little boy who loves music & songs, every day his little character shines through.
If you are interested in sponsoring me please use the link below. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Please, please, please become an organ donor – carry your card and discuss your wishes with your family (Stuart and I have). You can request your card using this link: www.ika.ie/card.

Thanks everyone & bring on the marathon 2nd June!!! :) ))

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